Author comments

I have found Fairway Press, the book producing portion of CSS Publishing Company, to be exceptional in every phase of their work. From the moment I stepped inside the frame of their business, everyone associated with Fairway Press exuded warmth, and uplifted sense of fairness, knowledge, and helpfulness. Then, the finished product produced extraordinary satisfaction, which easily was translated into elated purchasers. I would highly recommend Fairway Press to any and all lovers of the art of writing and of books.
—E. James Dickey, author of From the Trenches and The Amazing Power of the Holy Spirit

Preparing Your Files

Submit a CD containing your manuscript. If submitting scanned artwork / photographs, include these in a folder on the disk. In addition to the disk, send a printed version of the manuscript that matches the copy on the disk exactly.

1. The most efficient format in which to submit your project to Fairway is Rich Text Format or RTF (which all word processors can save files as) or Microsoft Word.

2. Label your disk with your name, the title of the work, the file name(s), and the word processing program it is in.

3. For paragraph indentations, use 1 Tab (that is, hit the Tab key 1 time; do not use the space bar to create an indent).

4. Set the page size at 5.5 x 8.5 with .75-inch margins all around, particularly if there is extensive formatting. (If there is little formatting, the page size can be set at 8.5 x 11 but the .75-inch margins all around must still be used.)

5. Our standard type size for text in books is 12 point with 14 leading.

6. The standard font we use for text body copy is Times.

7. Don't use hard returns (that is, the Return key) within a paragraph. Allow the word processing functions to wrap the text within a paragraph. Use the Return key only at the end of a paragraph.

8. Your chapter heads, titles, etc., should be formatted in the fonts and point sizes that you want. If you have used a font which we do not have in our font library, you will either have to select fonts from our library or you will have to send us the fonts. We need the screen font (the font which appears on your monitor screen) and the printer font (the font which the printer reads to print the copy).

9. Your project should be submitted with all the pages in place and all the decisions made about placement of extra items (such as photo pages, acknowledgments, etc.). Changes in pagination or additions causing repagination which are requested after the first galley are costly and will result in a delay of the finish date.

10. If footnotes or endnotes are included, they should be set in a smaller point size (9 point works well).

11. The entire manuscript should be sent through a spell check before submission. All names, places, and titles should be thoroughly proofed.

These instructions apply to the format of a standard Fairway 5.5 x 8.5 book, using our standard text font, image area, and text copy point size. An author may use a larger point size for the text or make the image area smaller or even use a different text font, but the margins must always be a minimum of .75-inch and the fonts used must be available in our typesetting font library.