Author comments

From my very initial contact with Fairway Press I have had a feeling of trust and confidence which only proved to be completely warranted as I worked with an expert editor until my book, "Steps To The Goal and Beyond to the Calling," was completed and published. I felt I had a personal friend in the publisher's office. The editor kept close contact with me, was enthusiastic, and showed personal interest at every step. The publisher was generous in my favor in interpreting the contract, adding photographs, and gracious in making changes when requested. I was delighted with the artwork and many who have received the book have praised the outstanding cover and format. A seasoned author or a newcomer need look no further than Fairway Press when wishing to publish a book that relates to topics of a nature published by Fairway Press. This company has my unqualified endorsement.
—Carl Wheeless, Ph.D.


What obligation do I assume in submitting my manuscript?
None whatsoever. We read your manuscript and contact you by phone or mail with a report within four to six weeks in most cases. We will share comments, publications possibilities, and will provide a general idea on costs. You can ask for the return of your manuscript if you do not approve of the terms. (Return postage is required and if we do not hear from you within a six-month period your manuscript will be destroyed.)

Must my manuscript be finished or may I submit it partially completed?
We will not be able to give you a final cost analysis or decision on the acceptance of your book until we see the entire completed manuscript. However, if you have questions about your manuscript, please feel free to contact us with any preliminary questions.

How much will it cost to have my book published?
The cost will depend on specific technical considerations which vary with each book. The entire manuscript in electronic form and hard copy are required to provide an accurate quote.

Will my book sell?
No one, not even the publisher of a well-known author, can predict whether a book will sell. Sales of your book will depend largely on market appeal, quality, and critical analyses of your work. The author is the best person to sell a book as he or she is most familiar with the work and the audience for whom it is written.

Do you ever reject manuscripts?
Yes, when we feel the manuscript is lacking in merit or when the manuscript as a whole tends to incite prejudice or defame any group due to race, religion, or nationality.

Do you supply illustrations for a book that requires them or do I?
At a specified cost, we will supply complete art services which include illustrations, decorative artwork, charts, etc. However, if you prefer to furnish your own illustrations, that is perfectly acceptable. Ask us for guidelines for submitting these components of your manuscript.

If I sign a contract, will I have to pay the entire fee in a lump sum?
You may select the plan that best fits your budget. Payment on these options may be made by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal or bank check, or money order.

Which newspapers and magazines will carry reviews of my book?
Printing a review is the exclusive prerogative of every publication and no publisher can control that situation. Sending copies of your book, together with an informative letter to newspapers, magazines, and to your local press is only the first step of getting a review.

How many copies of a book do you print initially?
This figure depends largely on the type of book and the author's personal market potential. Fairway Press usually begins with a press run of 500 copies but we are able to print as few as 50 copies to as many as 10,000 or more copies. The quantity is up to you.

Should I copyright my material before submitting it to you?
Yes, you should always copyright a manuscript before submitting it to a publisher for review. You can do this very simply, without filing a form or paying a fee. Simply type at the bottom of your manuscript's title page: "Copyright © (date) by (your name)." This will legally protect your work. Once the material is published, copyright forms and fees for the published version must be submitted to the Library of Congress.

Will you return my manuscript promptly if we do not agree on a publication contract?
We'll return your material upon request. However, you must include return postage and allow two to four weeks for packing and shipping. If we do not hear from you within a six-month period your manuscript will be destroyed.

How should my manuscript be prepared?
See the "Preparing Your Manuscript For Publication" section on the upper left side of this page.

What services are included in a contract with Fairway Press?
A contract with Fairway Press provides the author with the following services: a mechanical edit (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.), formatting of the pages, one complete proofread by a Fairway proofreader, and checking of additional corrections on individual pages after the first proof.

How do I secure permission to use quotations from authors and other publishers?
Write to the permissions department of the publisher of the book in which the material appears. Specifically state what excerpts or illustrations you wish to use, as well as the general nature of your book. Always secure written permission. This is not the responsibility of Fairway Press.

What can I, as a Fairway Press author, do to help sell my book?
Since you are eager to get the maximum publicity for your book, the more you are able and willing to do, the greater your chance of selling books. Many authors aggressively promote their own books by giving press interviews, appearing on television and radio, doing book signings, and giving lectures on the subjects of their books.