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Binding Options

Fairway Press provides four types of binding for your book. They are as follows:

• Perfect Binding
• Saddle-stitching
• Comb/Spiral Binding
• Case Binding

Perfect Binding
This is the standard type of binding provided for a book of 64 pages or more. This type of binding is used on most paperback books. The pages are held together by a special type of glue made for books. Once the pages are collated, they are shaved and glued, and then the cover is applied. This glue is very durable and will withstand the test of time for many years. A paperback novel is an example of a perfect-bound book.

We generally use a 10 point cover stock which is coated on one side. If the book has less than 64 pages, there will be no text on the spine and we generally recommend the use of the saddle-stitch binding.

Staples are used to create a saddle-stitched binding. The pages are collated, the cover is added, and they are stapled together by two pieces of wire, one about 1.5 inches from the top of the book and the second about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the book. Many poetry books, children's books, or short stories are bound by using this method.

A 10 point cover stock is used for this type of binding as well. There will be no spine for this type of binding; thus, no type is available for this binding style.

Comb/Spiral Binding
A comb or spiral binding is used mostly for a text which needs to appear in a workbook format or for a book that needs to lay flat for use. This binding is very durable and comes in a number of colors. Many cookbooks, workbooks, or manuals will use this type of binding.

Case Binding
This is the type of binding used when protection and a long shelf life are required. The pages are bound into binder's boards and wrapped with a cloth cover. The pages are glued or sewn into the cover, giving it the appearance and durability of a library book. The minimum number of pages required for hard binding is 120 pages.