Author comments

Norway Valley looks great! It exceeds not only my expectations but my hopes. Many thanks for a great job.
—Barbara Jurgensen, author of Norway Valley

Technical Details

There are many options to be considered for your finished work. You may not feel the need for these services if your book is being created only for family, close friends, or a small group function. However, they are available to you at an additional charge. These services include the following technical details:

• Bar Coding
• Library of Congress Catalog Number
• Copyright Filing

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Numbering. This system allows a book to be identified world-wide. Computers and scanning systems have made searching for titles much faster and easier and the ISBN System is a main element in this process. If you choose to use an ISBN number it must appear somewhere on the book in legible form (9 pt. type or larger), either on the back lower corner of the cover or dust jacket.

If you plan to distribute or make your book available through major bookstores or retail stores an ISBN number will be required. Many stores will not accept a book without this identification number.

An example of an ISBN number is 978-0-89536-221-1.

Bar Coding
A Bar Code is simply your ISBN number transferred to an OCR (optical character readable) scannable image. In some cases a bar code is not necessary. Check with the bookstores or merchants that will be carrying your book to see if it is necessary.

If you use the bar code on your book, it must appear on your back cover. In most cases, the bar code must be printed over a white background, for scanning purposes.

Library of Congress Catalog Number
This is a unique numbering system created by the Library of Congress to provide a database of forthcoming publications.

It is not required to obtain a Library of Congress Catalog Number if your distribution is local or if your print run is less than 5,000 copies. If your book is smaller than 50 pages, it does not qualify for a number unless it's a children's book or genealogy.

If you file for a number, the Library of Congress will require a complimentary copy of the book or manuscript. They will then review it and if the book is selected, it becomes a part of the catalog record.

This application must be submitted before the book is published. A number cannot be assigned to a book that is already in finished form. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the number to be obtained once the request has been sent. This form is filed electronically and is obtained by the publisher.

Copyright Filing
This is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, US Code) to the "original works of authorship."

The copyright protects the specific expression of ideas, not the ideas themselves, in works of literature, music, drama, dances, motion pictures, television shows, computer programs, art, photographs, and sound recordings. The copyright symbol usually accompanies the work.

If you copyright your book, you are protecting the contents, but not the title. You are not required to file a copyright with the Copyright Office to secure your copyright when you create a work.

This service can be provided for you by Fairway Press for $50.00 per book title.