Author comments

Thanks for your contribution to the production of two of our recent books. Your professional courtesy was invaluable to me and especially to our author. Managing the project from copyediting to proofreading was a plus in meeting our deadline.
—Janice Brown, Pilgrim Press

Proofing your Manuscript

You will receive a maximum of three (3) proofs of your manuscript as part of your contract without paying an extra charge. Any additional proofs will be billed at $50 each, unless it is the fault of the publisher. In this case we will send correction pages only.

It is the author's responsibility to review the text and make sure everything looks and reads grammatically as you want it. The printing process will not begin until we have the author's authorization to print. Although we do want you to make any grammatical and typographical changes that are needed, this is not the time to add, change, revise, update, or replace text or photos. Additional changes mean delays in printing and additional costs to the author as well.