Author comments

I have found Fairway Press very helpful in every element of publishing my own books. Their professional editing, layout, and finished product were all of the quality I want my name associated with in any kind of publication. I believe that Fairway Press is an excellent place for people related to the church to have their contributions to mutual ministry published.
—Dr. Jerry Schmalenberger, Global Mission Volunteer for the ELCA in Hong Kong and Indonesia

What is Self-Publishing?

Fairway Press was created as a division of CSS for two primary reasons. First, some books, although excellent, are written for a very specialized audience. At today's production and advertising costs, CSS cannot financially support the publishing of a book that does not fit our traditional publishing needs or the needs of our primary customers. Yet we realize that some books, both religious and secular, deserve to be published. Therefore, we provide an alternative to an author who is willing to make a financial commitment to the printing of his or her book.

Second, some authors actually prefer to subsidize their books and market them exclusively to their already-established audiences. Speakers, seminar leaders, doctors, professors, or pastors of large churches will self-publish, marketing their own books, recouping their investment, and reaping 100% of their initial investment.

Fairway Press does not purchase the rights to any manuscript and we do not subsidize any books. The rights to the book, the copyright, all copies, and subsidiary rights belong to the author. We have learned over the years that the best salesperson for a self-published book is the author, and he or she is entitled to all the money received from personal sales.