Author comments

My experience as a custodial grandparent was the motivation to write a book that kids could understand about this role. It seemed to fill a gap in an area that is now quite prevalent in our society. Fairway Press provided the resources and acumen that took this idea to what is now a published book. My experience with Fairway Press has been a good one and still is. They obviously are well connected and well respected in the publishing community. What they say they will do, they do. I am happy to be a small part of their publishing family.
—Patrick Little, author of My Real Dad

Getting Endorsements

A personal and/or professional endorsement of a new book adds prestige and clout, and ultimately will increase the visibility and sales of that book. With a Fairway publication, if that endorsement comes from a seminary professor, church official, or some other highly respected and recognized name in your sphere of influence, it can make all the difference in the world as to the degree of the book's success.

Even if the book is a practical, hands-on resource, a testimony from a local person will add considerable impact to the publicity and promotional efforts.

An endorsement is a statement from someone that expresses an opinion about your book.

Endorsements are used in advertising copy, promotional pieces, and on the back cover of books. If you are able to acquire some endorsements, these will help in the sale of your book.

To obtain endorsements you must send copies of your manuscript, or sample chapters to persons who you believe might respond with a positive statement for you.

Make a list of persons who might give you an endorsement. These persons could be friends or experts in the subject of your manuscript. Before sending copies of your manuscript, call persons on your list. Explain that your manuscript will soon be published. Invite them to consider reviewing the manuscript (or sample chapters). Explain that you need from 35 to 75 words from them about your manuscript. Give them a six week deadline. Explain that endorsements may be used for advertising, other promotional pieces, or for book back covers.

If you want your manuscript returned to you, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the manuscript.

If you do not know where to begin to seek endorsements, we suggest considering: a member of your congregation, your pastor, a bishop, a poet, a bookstore manager, another author, or an expert in the field. The type of person you seek for an endorsement depends on the type of book you are writing.